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"Cyber" Mecha Game Earbuds

$42.99 $68.99

We've brought back a cool headset designed for gaming specifically! With new generation of Bluetooth 53 version, connection fast, stable, low delay, low power consumption, strong anti-interference, let you enjoy high definition call and smooth game experience! 

This earbud has a cool design and opened with a side-opening cover for game matching to better combine. Equipped with BT 5.3. and colorful lights to make the product high- performance and look more beautiful.


  • BT Transmission Distance: 10 meters
  • Color: Black, Teal
  • Audio Decoding: AAC, SBC
  • Charging Compartment Battery Capacity: 250mah
  • Headphone Battery Capacity: 30mah*2
  • Headphone Use Time: about 4 hours
  • Total Battery Life: about 20 hours (with the charging box)

Game Mode, Music Mode, Low Game Latency, No Caton in Audio-Visual.You can switch between the game mode and the music mode through the headset. 

New way to play with dual earphones:
Can be used with both ears at the same time, can be used alone, can be shared, can be used with one ear and two mobile phones, to meet your different needs

 Long battery life, high safety, long-lasting hearing, safe charging

Large-capacity environmentally friendly battery, continuous use for a long time, charging with OvP circuit protection, safe and secure use.

High-power copper ring composite film moving coil
Customized high-fidelity and high-power copper ring composite film speaker, with clear layers of high, middle and bass, clear and audible, bringing a different experience.

HHF subwoofer stereo, surging sound effects, shocking audio-visual, giving you a theater-like shock.
With high-definition sound effects, the sound is right in the ear, the sound of percussion, musical instruments, soft listening, clearly visible.
The master-level tuning and adjustment make the earphones form different levels of sound effects in each frequency band, which can not only reflect the subtle sense of rhythm, but also reflect the surging sense of theater.
It is comfortable and not tiring to wear for a long time. The classic semi-in-ear design is comfortable and drop-resistant.
Weight : 3.5g

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