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What Is The Material Of This Cables?

A: USB-C cable is made with strong aluminum-alloy housing which provides better heat dissipation and a corrosion-resistant gold-plated connector.The environmentally friendly silicone body design prevents corrosion and reduces signal interference.

Which Mobile Phone Models Is This Cable Compatible With?
  • Samsung, Google, iPad : USB-C TO USB-C (CC)
  • Other Android devices : USB-C TO USB-C / USB-A TO USB-C
  • IPHONE & IPad (Except 15 series): USB-A TO Lighting / USB-C TO Lighting
  • IPHONE 15 Series: →Click here
How Many Spacifications Of The Cable?

A: We customize different lengths according to customers' preferences.There are various spacifitions you can choose currently: 0.32ft, 0.49ft, 0.82ft, 1.64 ft,  【Power Bank Friendly Cable】, 3.3ft,4.9ft, 6.6ft, 8.2ft, 9.8ft, 13.1ft, 16.4ft, 19.6ft【Chubby 3.0】.

How Many Colors I Can Choose?

A: There are 13 colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Rose, Purple, Black,Gray, White, Yellow, Tiffany Blue, Klein Blue

How Many Types Of Cables Are There Currently?

Fast charging cable; Data transmission cable; Car cable; Audio cable; Extension cable; Android cable; Printer cable. More cables are waiting to be unlocked!

Do You Accept The Customization Of Your Sides Of Cables?

A: Yes. We can accept special customization. That is, change the sides of the cable (Only support Chubby 2.0 now). And when other kinds provide the service, we will update.

More Customized cables- Specially Customized ChubbyCable

Can You Make Such Kind Of Cable? E.G. External Cables?

A: Yes. Actually, we have been promoting new data lines of different styles and will also solicit the needs of our customers. If the designs/styles you need are not shown on our store, contact us!

Explanation Of Each Cable Type
  • Type-C: USB-A TO USB-C(C)
  • Iphone PD: USB-C (C) TO Lighting
  • Lighting: USB-A TO Lighting
  • CC: USB-C ( C) TO USB-C ( C)
  • Micro-USB: USB-A TO Android

The iPhone PD cable is specifically designed for iPhone products, excluding the iPhone 15 series. It features a USB-C to Lightning charging port, which enables fast charging for compatible devices

My Cable Charges Slowly While Charging?

To achieve fast charging, we recommend the following:

1. Ensure that you are using a compatible fast charging adapter.

2. Use a data cable that supports fast charging.

3. Check if your device supports fast charging. Some older devices or models may not have fast charging capabilities.

4. Make sure your device's charging port is clean and free from debris.

My Cable Doesn'T Work For My Device?

No worries, we do have a solid replacement policy, Just drop us a line!

Just click here


How Do I Track My Order?

A: Within 2-3 business days of placing your order, you will receive an email with your tracking number and you can track your package directly. Alternatively, you can view the status of your package under "My Account" in the "Orders" section.

If you place your order during the weekend or a public holiday, your order will be sent out during the next working day, so you can allow additional days to receive your tracking details. 

To track your package, simply enter your tracking number on 17TRACK.COM. 

Or you can click here directly--->

Contact us via email at

May I Know If There Are Multiple Packages You Sent For My Order?

Chubbycable aims, where possible, to consolidate products in your order when we ship them out. However, for your convenience and to expedite your order, we may ship your order in multiple packages at no additional cost.

When we ship your order in multiple packages, these packages may arrive separately. Nonetheless, you should still receive your entire order within the estimated delivery date.

Do You Miss Sending Some Of My Items?

A: Please contact us ASAP to check if there are some special cases, like multiple packages of your order...

Find That I Ordered The Wrong Cable In Mistake After Receiving It?

No worries, we do have a solid replacement policy, Just drop us a line to get your correct cable.

I Received The Wrong Charging Cable That Is Not What I Ordered?

No worries. Contact us, then we will arrange a new cable in the correct type as you ordered.

Why Haven't I Received a Reply After Contacting Your Customer Email?

Thank you for contacting our customer email.
We value each customer's inquiry and strive to provide prompt and effective responses.

Here are some possible reasons why you haven't received a reply and the corresponding solutions:


- Please ensure that your email was not flagged as spam and check your spam folder.
- Sometimes emails can be filtered or blocked, causing them to not reach the recipient's inbox. If possible, add our email address to your contacts or whitelist.


- In some cases, there may be technical glitches or delays in the email system, causing issues during the delivery process.
- If you haven't received a reply after a certain period, please be patient and ensure that your email system is functioning properly.


- Make sure you provide sufficient, clear, and detailed information in your email so that we can understand and respond to your question or request.
- Include as many relevant details as possible, such as order numbers, contact information, or any other pertinent information to assist us in helping you better.


- Our customer support team may have working hour limitations or operate in different time zones. If you sent the email during non-working hours, it may result in a delay in response.
- Please review our working hours and send the email during those times for a faster response.

If you still haven't received a reply, please resend the email or try contacting us through alternative methods.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and assure you that we will attend to your request and respond to your email as soon as possible.
Thank you for your support and patience!

How Do I Use The Discount Code?

Please enter the discount code on the payment page before payment to get the discounted price. For detailed instructions, please click the link to see how to use it.

For more details, please click: How Do I Use The Discount Code?👈

Under What Circumstances Will My Order Be Shipped Separately?

When your order includes a power bank. The power banks have a charged attribute and need to be shipped through a special delivery channel. We will separate the power banks from other products for shipping.

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