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"Chubby DIY" Customize Your Private Charge Cable

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This product is for pre-sale and delivery will only begin around February 18th.

Chubbycable™ brand new series - We offer a self-service option for you to choose  components, allowing you to create a charge cable that truly meets your needs. 

NOTE: Selecting the color and specifications of your choice online, the item you receive will be a complete charge cable rather than a set of individual components. (Individual parts are not for sale!)

*NOTE: If parts are purchased separately and the parts required to make a complete cable are not selected, this assemblies will not ship!


  • Cable Material: Silicone, Nylon Braided
  • Strips Material: High-quality Leather
  • Connector Casing Material: Zinc Alloy,Copper
  • Buckle Material: Pure Copper
  • Type: Type-C; Iphone; C To C; Iphone PD
  • Color: 11 Colors Available


  • Up to 100W high power delivery
  • Support Charge and Data transmission
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • The head of the power supply end is spray painted

SO MANY OPTIONS! - Perfect for tech enthusiasts and DIYers

4 different types, 9 lengths to choose from, as many as 11 colors, 4 buckles, 5 leather strips.

1. 3 different materials for charge cable body: Silicone, nylon braided and braided cloth
2. 2 different connector casing material: Aluminum shell and copper shell.
3. Buckle Material: pure copper
4. Strip Material: High-end leather material

5. 11 colors available: Orange, Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Purple, Red, Green. (More colors will be unlocked later)

High quality silicone: Flexible and heat-resistant, durable and waterproof guarantee the quality of our data cables. Nylon braided: Superior strength and durability, as the tightly woven fibers provide added protection against wear and tear. Braided fabric: Soft, flexible, and lightweight.

How do I DIY a complete charge cable? 

Required Option: Cable Type; Connector Casing; Cable Color; Buckle and Strip

Choose the above parts to create a charging cable that belongs to you!

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Customer Reviews

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Affordable and durable. I like it and will repurchase.


Work well.


I can match your favorite color, very good.


I can choose the color, accessories I want, which is a very fulfilling thing, and the quality of the data cable is very good!


It's so convenient to be able to customize the length and color to fit my needs. Plus, the quality is top-notch and it charges my devices quickly.