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"Cyber" S-Alienware Bluetooth Gaming Headset

$29.99 $56.99

Bluetooth Gaming 5.0 Chip

Transmission: 10m

Talk time, 5-6h

Charging times, 10 times

Battery life: 10 times

Headphone capacity: 30ma

Adaptive noise reduction eliminates interference, actively shields ambient sounds, and enhances music immersion.

Dual host dual channel, both ears are the host, the sense of hearing is synchronized to the arrival.

The sound quality is "0" loss, professional tuners adjust the sound, such as the full sound quality of the scene.

Stable "0" disconnection, seconds out of the warehouse, music games are fun.

0.05s true. No delay, audio and video synchronization, the whole process is one step faster.

Start the game mode, 360° listen to the sound to identify the position, and control the overall situation.

Long-lasting battery life, worry about battery life, don't worry about 32h long-term playback.

Fully compatible, as long as there is bluetooth, it can be linked to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Package Included:

2* Headphones

1*Charging compartment

1*USB cable

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