More Instructions of this Keyboard:

Contact us to get the "Software" for customing key functions. Setup software download to the computer, please temporarily quit the anti-virus software, lest mistakenly delete the file!

1). Keyboard Interface Description:


"Bluetooth" Version: Dual-mode keyboard (Support "USB" and "Bluetooth" Modes)

-Support switches automatically:
Connect to USB and it will switch to USB mode;
Pull out USB and it will switch to "Bluetooth" mode.

2). Keyboard Diagram:

3). Custom Key Functions(Steps):

The 12-plaid button in the upper left corner corresponds to your Mini Buttons.

The 9-plaid button in the upper right corner corresponds to the knots

The example: Set "Copy"(Ctrl + C) Function:

1. Connect USB to Type C cable.

2. Click your Software Interface "Key 1"(for example).

3. Click "Ctrl Shift Alt", then click "Ctrl +" 

4. Click " KEY, then click "C"

5. Click " Download" to finish the custom key.

4). "Bluetooth Usage:

1. Unplug the "USB to type C" cable (because the USB will enter the usb mode by default)

2. Flip the battery switch to the "on" side.

3. Use your computer/phone to search Bluetooth under the name "HID Keyboard".

4. Click the Bluebooth name to match, then connect it.


5). Notes of " Bluetooth" Usages:

-If the Bluetooth does not operate for 15 minutes, it will enter automatic mode.
Sleep mode. When hibernating, click the keyboard "key 1" to wake up. Wake up time, about 2 seconds to complete, and automatically connected.

- Battery( fully charged), can normally use about 1 month.

- When charging, the indicator light is "red", and when it is full, the indicator light is "green".