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     IPhone 12 has announced the removal of its charger for a few years, ostensibly for environmental reasons. Of course, this is really environmental protection or fake, nothing to say. We could just observe whether there is a discount on the price or not. But this topic we will not discuss in depth.

     Today mainly talking about how to choose the charger.

First of all, original charger or the third party?

  • The biggest advantage of the original charger is strong adaptability, fitting perfectly with the mobile phone. But the price is generally high, and some of their volume is too large to use. 
  • The biggest benefit of the third-party charger is of good compatibility. It generally supports a variety of fast charge protocols, adapted to multiple brands of mobile phones. For friends who owning various brands of mobile phone, isn't it happy?
  • Additionally,  the third-party multi-port charger can also be selected, so that two or even three mobile phones can be charged at the same time, greatly improving the utilization rate of the charger. And there will be more room for the volume selection!
  • The most important one, the general price of the third party charger is beautiful, half or more cheaper than the original charger, cost-effective!

    The second one is the point of shopping around.

    • Charging Power

    The charging power of the PD fast charger on the market ranges from 18W to 100W. But with the exception of a small number of mobile phones, most phones currently only support a maximum of 18W.

    Considering the upgrading of new mobile phones, our charger power within 30W is suitable. However, if you want to charge an ipad or a laptop, you should consider buying a charger of 65W to 100W.

    • Single-port or multi-port

    This is relatively simple, need to charge less equipment, choosing a single port. If there are many devices to charge around, you can choose multi-port charger. But when shopping around, we should pay attention to whether the output power of the charger can meet the needs of the equipment. If the power is insufficient, the charging efficiency will be discounted.

    • The volume of fast charger

    When we charge our phones, we often encounter the situation of charger "fighting against". This situation may be a headache. Therefore, in the choice of a charger, the volume should be as small as possible. Of course, don't forget the charging power! 

    Normally, the volume of the charger is directly proportional to the output power. The larger the power is, the larger the volume of the charger will be. But there is also a special case, that is gallium nitride fast charger. Let's talk about it.

    • Traditional fast charger & Gallium nitride fast charger

    Traditional fast charger, its basic material is silicon. Silicon is a very important material in the electronics industry. But with the increasing power of the charger, the limit of silicon is gradually approaching. Not only owning large volume at the same time, but it is easy to make charger hot.

    Gallium nitride, known as the third generation semiconductor material, compared with silicon, it is smaller in size, but large in power and density. Gallium nitride chips are much more frequent than silicon. It can effectively reduce the volume of internal transformers and other components, and has excellent heat dissipation performance. Therefore, the internal component arrangement can be more precise, that can perfectly solve the contradiction between charging efficiency and portability.

    In a word, gallium nitride fast charger has the advantages of small size, high power, good heat dissipation and so on. The only drawback is that the price is a little higher!

    Last but not the least, today's electronic products are more and more powerful, and rely more and more on fast charging function. Therefore, it is very necessary for you all to find a reliable fast charger and fast charging cable! If you still have doubts about the purchase, you can leave a message in the comment area~


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