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"Vibe" RGB Light Gaming Pad

$59.99 $108.99


1. Inductive touch controls the color output of the RGB light, plug and play, just lightly press the fingerprint pattern RGB mouse pad to switch the color
2. Seven monochromatic constant brightness + three marquee modes
3. Streaming Horse Racing-Colorful Breathing-Symphony Horse Racing-Red-Green-Blue-Purple-Cyan-Yellow-White
4. Long press the inductive touch for 5 seconds to turn off the light
5. Wireless fast charging, the whole process of low temperature does not hurt the machine, does not get hot
6. Intelligent recognition 15W,10W (fast charging for Samsung mobile phones), 7.5W (fast charging for iPhones), 5W
7. Ultra-long sensing distance�0MM


1*wireless charger mouse pad

Fine texture cloth surface dirt-resistant & waterproof.

Rubber non-slip bottom surface.

Thickness: 4mm. Give your comfortable usage experience!

Quick upgrade 50% faster.


1. The mouse and mobile phone need to have wireless charging function and be compatible with the "Qi" standard.

2. Qi refers to the "wireless charging" standard launched by the Wireless Charging Alliance.

3. The following are the mainstream models. If they are not in the list but the mobile phone has Qi standard, it can also be charged wirelessly.


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