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"Cyber Chic" NTAG213 Chip Ring

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Get ready to keep up with the fashion of chubbytech. Necklaces and rings by chubbytech are statement piecece, with intricate detailing. It's designed to be worn as an everyday accessory – at work, out shopping, or to brunch.😎
How do i know my size?
Use a thin thread to measure where the ring is worn (the root of the finger), and it should be a little tight when measuring, otherwise the measured ring will be too large. Use a ruler to measure the length of the line (the line should be straightened and the points on both sides should be aligned)

US Size 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Diameter (MM) 15.7 16.5 17.4 18.2 19 19.9 20.7 21.5 22.3
Perimeter (MM) 49 52 55 57 59.8 62.4 65 67.5 70

  • Material: Titanium steel, electronic components,
  • Size: 0.19ft
NFC Management Software: Use the NFC function to realize such as reading, writing and configuration file management.
The main function:
- Read and write NFC
- NFC tag profile management - import tasks from tags
NFC automatically opens the camera setting demonstration: (Download NFC Tools pro on google play👉NFC
1. Find the application shortcut command and open it
2. Enter the application, click "Automation" at the bottom
3. Enter the creation of personal automation page
4. Find NFC in the settings and click to enter
5. Scan the NFC smart ring (put the black area of the NFC smart ring close to the NFC sensing area of the phone )
6. Name the tag and set related operations
7. NFC automatic sensing setting is complete
NOTE: NFC automatic setting only supports iphone XS and later new models for the time being, the system needs to be upgraded to IOS 13 or latest.

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It can be connected to the mobile phone NFC, the induction is also very fast, and it is very convenient to carry