Chubbytech has launched ⚡️gold-plated charge cables⚡️for you specifically! 


Equipped with 120W BlitzCharge and gold plating technology for improved heat dissipation during fast charging.

These cables have ⚡️ultra-fast 480mb/s charging ⚡️and data transmission speeds. With a maximum output of 27W to 100W, these cables can quickly charge power-hungry devices like laptops.

✨Durable and made for everyday use, these cables are constructed from premium silicone and superconducting oxygen-free copper with a bend lifespan of over 40,000.

🎁Super high performance and exquisite apperance are also the best choice for gifts!!


👉Get more details,click on the link below:👉


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Chubby Team
2월 06, 2023 — Tech Chubby

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